Twitter for Business and Marketing:


Can Twitter be counted as a part of social media marketing tool? As we all know Twitter is a Micro-Blogging and posting short updates, commenting or sharing thoughts. Twitter is very much compatible with smart devices and each tweet limited to 140 character. In other way, we can say Twitter is a mixture of instant messaging and chat-room since it is an open platform.

Twitter is not only sharing immediate acts, comments, thoughts but it is also a very valuable source to generate leads for your businesses, get a traffic redirection to your websites/ eStores.

Tweets can include a link to website content or PDF document or a photograph or video. As, a picture is worth a thousand words, so adding an image to a tweet greatly increased what can be shared beyond the character limit for tweets.

Twitter shares some features with other popular social media sites, however, it is still different from Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google plus or YouTube.

How twitter can be used for business:

Present Your Brand: Twitter provides a chance to share business experiences with the Twitter community. It is important to have same Twitter profile look & feel as your other online presence. This helps people to identify your business and builds trust.

Build a Strong Foundation, Start Following People, and Start Talking but Smart Talking

Drive Traffic to Websites, eStore or Blog:

Twitter is one of the most important tools for driving traffic to your website eStore or blog. For this, tweet can be cast around a link, writing a message that compels people to click on the link to learn more.

Connect Your Online Presence:

  • By adding Twitter account link to website and blog.
  • By adding Twitter widget in website and blog.
  • By adding sharing features in website and blog.

Share Photographs in Your Tweets:

People love to look at pictures, so include pictures in your tweets whenever possible.

Add Video to Your Twitter Timeline:

Video is another powerful way to tell people about your business. You can add videos to your Twitter timeline, but you cannot add them directly from Twitter.

Organize Your Followers Into Conversation Lists:

In case of huge follower base, it can be challenging to focus on the information coming from specific people and groups. Twitter offers its solution by providing list feature to separate followers into groups to make easy to pay attention to what people say. List might be created separately for:

  • Customer
  • Potential customers
  • Neighborhood or community businesses
  • Trade or professional organizations
  • People inspires
  • People you talk with the most

Better to make this list public so people can review the list and follow.

Twitter Analytics:

Like Google analytics and Facebook analytics, twitter also offers comprehensive analytical tool. By which insights on engagement behavior of twitter users can be checked and improved accordingly.

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