Social Media Optimization [SMO]

SMO is the process to increase awareness of a product, brand or event by using a number of social media platforms and communities to generate viral publicity.

SMO can help to strengthen your brand and boost visibility, also generate leads and these may increase sales conversion. SMO also helps to build familiarity with and trust for your product or brand.

SMO is done with social media sites and their increasing importance to business. SMO deals with enhancing your product/ brand presence and its online reputation through interactive communities.

Social sharing carries much weight when it comes from someone else. In order to improve SMO focus should be engaging with relevant audiences, contributing to conversations, and posting your own shares.

Why You Need SMO:

Google has recently launched a major change in its search algorithm- Hummingbird. Because of its speed and precision, it changes the way Google interprets keywords and changes the weight of some other factors that drive search rankings.

Social shares are important in calculating rankings and they’re suitable to contribute more in the future. The Hummingbird algorithm values quality content that is relevant, authoritative and shareable.

The more social media shares, the higher its recognized quality and the better you’ll rank on search engine.

How SMO happen:

  • Define Objectives and Set Goals,
  • Make People Smarter,
  • Increase Linkability,
  • Tag Content to Travels Faster,
  • Make Access to content Easy,

  • Use Permalinks for Keyword
  • Reward Valuable Influencers,
  • Be a Useful Resource,
  • Know who and How to target,
  • Stay Fresh.

eShop Customization:

If social media optimized effectively, it can be one of the greatest tool to improve organic search results. With connecting with people on different social media platforms, you extend the reach of your business and enhance opportunities for people to link to main business page.

eShop helps you by its SMO skills and practices in connecting all social accounts in a cohesive and consistent network that redirect your potential customers where you want them to go. eShop engages with a strategic, multi-point process to make your SMO campaign successful, boost your SEO and drive potential customers to your site.