LinkedIn Marketing Solutions for Businesses:

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional networking forum. Being the world’s largest professional networking platform, it has more than 433 million members across 200 countries.

With the help of LinkedIn, you can build relationships with the professionals. You can reach to your goals at every step of purchasing cycle.

LinkedIn can be utilized in following ways.

  • Generate awareness,
  • Establish through leadership,
  • Drive targeted website traffic,
  • Generate leads and pipeline,
  • Create advocacy

LinkedIn offers following products for marketing purpose

Corporate company page, LinkedIn groups, LinkedIn sponsored update, LinkedIn ads

Corporate company page:

Company page acts as a central information hub for visitors to learn about your company. It is very easy to create a company page by adding just a company logo, banner image and description just to start with.

You can make your company identity much more searchable. Add your area of expertise with SEO friendly description. Add appropriate website link page..

Showcasing of products and services:

Create a showcase of your products/ services on LinkedIn page. It will help your followers to learn more about your offerings.

Attract Followers:

Encourage your fellow employees to add their current position in their profile with company name. Inspire them to follow your company page.

Contribution in LinkedIn Groups:

Find relevant groups and start talking about your brand and your industry. Participate in the group discussion. Proper value addition will ultimately lead to increase in more followers to your company page.

Also relevant news sharing helps to keep your customers updated about industry trend/ product/ services.

Integration of LinkedIn page:

Connect your LinkedIn page link to your website/ eStores/ Blog and other social media platforms; integrate sharing features to encourage your visitors to share. You can mention company page into email newsletters, visiting cards, email signatures etc.

Audience analytics:

LinkedIn provides analytics of company page to find how follower base is increasing. Monitor your company update reach and engagement to see what is working with your content and what is not.

Follow right channels and influencers:

  • To gain more knowledge about industry.
  • Follow other company pages and profiles.

Engagement with followers:

Regular updates of your company page helps to engage followers and make them about your products and services, industry’s latest trend, etc…

Engage with followers by responding to their comments. It will help you to build loyalty. Lead the discussion and try to establish your role of thought leadership.

Utilize various content formats:

Rich media like images and videos helps to increase engagement and shares. One can use the presentations created from slide share

Recommendation to products and services:

Members can write reviews on your products and services tab. Encourage followers, customers and partners to write reviews.

Sponsor your update:

Sponsored update let you reach far beyond your own follower base. It helps you to target your exact LinkedIn audience to spread brand awareness, build relationship and drive quality leads. Sponsored Updates appear in feeds across devices giving you more opportunities to reach the people that matter.

LinkedIn Ads:

Reach into the LinkedIn network and target potential customers through LinkedIn ads. Selection criterion can be function, seniority and industry to gain access to your target audience