Hosted Solutions

We understand the diverse need of ecommerce businesses depending on their budget, products and other factors. Hosted eCommerce solutions can be equally advantageous to an open source or self hosted solution.

Online stores need to have internet access and need to be available 24*7*365. Hosted eCommerce Solution providers offer an environment where we just need pay a monthly fee and have all the hosting and data included in the service.

A hosted platform can be ideal solution for business owners who are not much technical. It reduces the owner’s burdens significantly and allows them to concentrate on other activities.

The platform maintains infrastructure with all the necessary security and redundancy built in. This allows thousands of businesses to operate in the same environment sharing the infrastructure. So the overall costs are shared and a far higher level of services and capability can be provided.

Advantages of hosted solutions:

  • Low cost,
  • Customer Support,
  • Easy to use,
  • No need for technical knowledge,
  • Hosting costs are included.

The disadvantages:

  • Limited features,
  • Extensions and
  • Less Flexibility.