Facebook Marketing Solutions

Facebook is the world’s largest general social networking platform. Facebook Marketing helps efficiently to reach audience who matter most. This is quite cost  effective advertising platform.
There can be three main marketing objectives for Facebook marketing.

  • Awareness
  • Consideration
  • Conversion

[A] Awareness:

To enhance awareness, Facebook offers following four options

  • Boost your post: You can select this option for enhancing page post engagement.
  • Promote your page: Select this option if you wish to promote your page and want more page likes.
  • Local people: Select this option for local awareness objective to reach people near your business.
  • Increase brand awareness: Select this option, if you want people to occupy them for your ad and increase awareness for your brand.

[B] Considerations:

To enhance the consideration level for your product or services, Facebook offers following options

  • Website visits: If you wish to send user to website for providing him more information, then this option is better one.
  • APP installations: If one wants people to download the mobile app, this is the better option
  • Attendance to events: One should select this option if he wants to get more people to the event and raise more attendance to the event
  • Video views: One should use this objective to get more people to view the videos.
  • Business Leads: One should use this objective to create a form that will collect information from people.

[C ] Conversions:

To enhance conversions one should consider following options

  • Website conversions: If one wants to have valuable actions on the website like form fill up for inquiry then this option should be selected.
  • APP engagement: If one wants to gain more engagement towards app then this option should be selected
  • Offer promotion: If you wish to promote your offer more then select this option
  • Product promotion: If somebody wants to promote their product from product list automatically, one can use this option. Product will be shown to audience on the basis of targeting criteria.

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