eStore Designing

The eStore design factors, usability and aesthetics impact emotion and attitude of the consumer that describes how design of online stores affect the consumers’ emotion which, influence attitudes towards the eStores.

When we think eStore design, it is much important to plan the strategic objective and communication which is solely based on strategy. Following points need to be considered:

  • Type of Product,
  • Target Customers,
  • Audience Profile
  • Customers’ Age Group
  • Target Region
  • Use of Product
  • Need recognition state and hooking points for communication.

On the basis of above points, the communication strategy need to drawn for the eStore designing. Also need to think for the objective for each page of online store.

Website as a brochure:

While designing of an eStore or eCommerce website, we need to drill down the priorities of the audience for the products. According to that priorities product display need to be set.

Website as a retail store:

When think website as an electronic retails store, we need to think the way the consumer interact with eStores. The pattern of buyer’s behavior varies as their country or Geo-location changes. In the USA buyer mostly looks at left side while entering into the store while Indian buyer mostly looks at the right side.

Twin products like bread and butter are kept far away in an online store. If bread and butter are kept together, buyer will pick and leave the store immediately. While keeping them apart will help store owner in terms of more time spent and surfing more products. So keeping them apart is always beneficial for eStore owner.

Checkout process in eStores should be as simple as it can be and easier to give a smile at buyers face and make them happy while they leave. So while designing eStores need to consider all above points.

Following functions can be there in online eStores:

  • Product options refinement: Customers should be given enough choices for selection of products in terms of color, sizes and saving of their selection of choices.
  • Product availability and delivery time: Make it very clear regarding the stock of the product and its delivery.
  • Image quality: Use product images with quite superior quality.
  • Shopping cart: Position and visualize the shopping cart in a meaningful way.
  • Easy navigation: Design and organize your website in a way that it is very much helpful in the organization of your products in a proper categorical way. If one has larger set of products.
  • Delivery charges and Discount: Be very much clear on delivery charges and discounted price. Keep that mathematics up to the mark. Also make sure that delivery options are clear.
  • Space optimization: Need to research what works and what not works while placing the visuals on webpage. Need to perform through A/B Testing.
  • SEO: Need to consider on SEO aspects like SEO friendly URLs, keyword optimization during content writing, header optimization, footer optimization, bread crump navigation, canonical redirection and elimination of other SEO errors.
  • Social media: Incorporate social media links at proper position which is very much visible to audience so they can follow them.
  • Quick preview: Provide quick preview for the products, so consumer can easily understand your product
  • Newsletter Signup: Provide facility for users to sign up for your newsletter.
  • Product pages: Keep product pages clean enough so consumers can see them easily and locate the price.
  • Testimonials and Rating: Enable consumer to provide feedback on portal about your product and rating
  • Product variations: Provide real time variations about the product with respect to its color instantly.
  • Clean checkouts: Keep your checkout pages clean & clear. Keep buyers aware about the steps taken so far.
  • Complain section: Help consumers to locate complain section in an easier manner. Do not let them to pass by deeper options. Help them to resolve their queries in quicker way.

eShop Approach:

eShop Customization always keeps aware their team about the market and buyer’s behavior in different Geo-location to maintain their work trendy.

We at eShop Customization implement all the necessary features and functionality in eCommerce website. Sometimes client is not so much aware about all the aspects of online store design and development in that case, it’s our very imperative role to educate the client for the same to get max in return on their investment.

eShop Customization may help you to your eCommerce website designing either it is a ready-made template based or a exclusively customized template.

Contact eShop for any kind of eStore designing work.