eShop Development

eCommerce website development is not only what turns an idea into online reality, but is also what makes an online store a more dynamic and impressive and interactive business source.

For this reason eCommerce website development is complex. In any eStore development work there are multiple aspects need to be considered from User Interface development to performance for the eStore. An eCommerce website presents its very own challenges, since visitors come to the online store to learn about the products and buy products.

eCommerce website developer have to do everything feasible to make the online store easy to navigate and intuitive to surf more. Apart from Usability there are other important factors that also need to be considered during development process:

Responsive Website Design:

Use of smart phones and tablets to surf websites is continuously growing and eCommerce sales are a large portion of this traffic. Over one fourth of eCommerce sales are being made via such smart devices. So, it is incredibly important to make your eCommerce website responsive providing the best experience to visitors of the eStore.

Website Search Functionality:

Visitors to eCommerce websites use search to find the products they are looking for, so it’s important to make sure the search functionality is available and easy to use.

Support Guest Checkouts:

eStores want users to create an account with the eStore in order to make a purchase, as it allows for follow-up communication that encourages future sales and tracking customers’ demographic information to analyze sales.


Online Store should be SSL encrypted to remain secure. This is important for credit card and payment information, but also any customer information like address, phone number, email, etc. So ensuring that SSL is implemented is not just a good idea, but also helps to win buyers trust.

Optimize Site Performance:

An eCommerce sites are likely to lose customers if it is slow.  About 40% of visitors abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load. This is true especially for mobile users, who are often multi-tasking as they access websites and are more likely to move on to something else if a site is too slow. So, it is necessary to make sure your site is optimized to run as quickly as possible.

Why eShop Customization:

eStore development is one of the most important aspect of an eCommerce  business. While online store development generally involves steps such as analyzing a company’s eCommerce needs, formulating a basic eStore design plan,

When it comes to getting the best eShop development for your company’s online business needs, understanding the online store development basics is the first step towards realizing online market transactions and functioning business success.

eShop can help you to develop any kind eCommerce website any based on any platform be it hosted eCommerce platform or open source eCommerce platforms.

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